Next up guys I want to talk about an item I acquired not two weeks ago. I always been hugely intrigued by the secret powers of Bluetooth. Even now I don’t think I can really get my head around it. My interest has led me to buy many Bluetooth related products over the years. I’ve bought phones, music speakers and even accessories for my computer like a keyboard and mouse.

Basically, I hate wires so if there’s any electronic item out there that has a wireless option then I’ll purchase it without hesitation. It was only last month when my sister told me about a line of Bluetooth speakers that you could use in the shower. I instantly liked the idea of this. I’m not quite sure why I had never thought about this before, considering my extremely large collection of wireless objects.

I have a shower radio, which is pretty reliable and does it get good use, but the thought of having an actual waterproof sound speaker that could wirelessly connect to my own cd player or iPod excited me as it meant I’d be able to listen to any music I want during my daily shower. Even before I bought it, I started putting together a playlist of songs I thought would be great for listening to during a wash.

shower speaker

Winning one via auction wasn’t too tricky and I managed to get a pretty good deal actually. It was second hand but was in perfect condition. Its official name is a Bluetooth shower speaker SpeakStick. Just like anyone else, as soon as it arrived I put it to the test. First I obviously wanted to make sure it could connect easily to my cd player and would work within the bathroom at range. Next up it needed to be able to stick to the wall of my shower. We don’t really have a stand or shelf for it to rest on in there so its little suction pad had to work perfectly. Luckily it did. Finally I wanted to make sure that as it said, it was waterproof. Essentially it didn’t need to be completely waterproof, but splash proof. I jumped into the shower and put it to the test and it still worked fine after a few splashes.

There’s nothing more I have to say about it really. The sound quality is great and I really like the look of it too. A great purchase all round.

The list of things I’ve bought online at auctions just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I don’t really go for one specific niche or area of products, but buy a whole host of things that I can use around the house and about my day.

The latest thing I have taken a deep interest in is aromatherapy. In case you didn’t already know, this basically involves using essential oils and various aromatic plants to improve your health and complexion. So, to go into a bit more detail, essential oils can be used in a number of different ways.

You can administer them to your skin and face. I’m not sure whether this has been scientifically proven, but they are supposed to make your skin smoother, and help you cope with things like rashes and sores. They also act as really good massage oils too if you’re into that.

The other main use for them is treating them as scented oils and spraying them around your house to leave a nice and pleasant smell. This is what I have come to use them for. At first I started garnering a collection of oils purely for cosmetic reasons. I wanted to make my skin, especially my face feel a bit smoother. It wasn’t too long until I found out that you could use them as scents.

nice smelling house

At this point, I’d already put together a fairly sizeable collection of them, but the problem was not all of these oils had spray tops meaning it would be hard for me to fill the house with their lovely and intoxicating smells. I quickly found out that you could buy these contraptions called aromatherapy essential oil diffusers. You could put any oil you wanted into these and they would emit it over the course of the day. You could also adjust the settings to make it only spray and diffuse the oils once or twice or day, or however often you wanted.

After hearing all of this I was hooked on the idea of having one, so like my usual self, I began looking at some auctions online and trying to determine where I could get the best deal. It didn’t take me too long to find what I thought, judging by a long list of reviews, was the best one to go for (it’s the one I linked to earlier).

I’ve had it for a good month now and I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that it has been my best buy to date. My home is now a fragrant haven, and some of my friends and family have began to take note too, and asked me what on earth I’ve been doing to make the house smell so nice. Now I’ve shared the secret with you, you know exactly what to do.

I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to buying things at auction online. eBay is my main stomping ground, and over the years I’ve accumulated a simply huge amount of items. I’ve decided it would be in everyones interest if I blogged about some of the things I’ve acquired over the years, as each of them has a story behind it. Check back in tomorrow for the first instalment!